Going to Stop Using Weed? Here’s How Much Money You Can Save

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The benefits of ending cannabis consumption hardly need an introduction – here at This Lucid Life we’re dedicated to sharing them! Physical health, emotional health, social health, psychological health… the list goes on.

But perhaps more immediately, one of the greatest benefits of freeing yourself from weed is how it will revolutionize your finances. Whilst losing any consistent habit that costs money will benefit your wallet in the long run, marijuana is one of the most expensive habits you can have.

Of course, that means that when you stop using weed, you’ll have a lot more cash on hand to spend on all the other great things in life you enjoy and to save towards whatever you want. And when I say a “lot more cash”, I mean a lot more cash.

When I quit weed, I was spending about $80 a week (…jeeze) on the stuff. That doesn’t include equipment, rolling papers, late-night McDonald’s trips, etc. – that’s just the marijuana.

$80 a week… $320 a month… $3,840 a year… $40,000 in 10 years. Yikes.

That’s the price of a university education. That’s the price of a deposit on a beautiful house!

Now, your consumption might not be as extreme as mine, so we’ve created a handy little calculator for you to use into to find out how much money you will personally save when you stop using cannabis:

On top of that, if you’re about to quit, and want a phone app to help you track this stuff as it happens, check out our article here with a list of suggestions.

Shocked by your number? You might be interested in understanding just why the habit is costing so much:

Why Does a Cannabis Habit Cost so Much?

It Creeps Up on You

For many people, smoking weed comes late in the game, after they’ve have had some time to settle into the financial world.

Sure, some of us used it in our younger years, dropping a ten spot from that week’s allowance on a dime bag in high school, perhaps, and enjoying the merits of a sheet of tinfoil, a Zippo and an empty Pepsi can. Others of us might have been handed a bowl or joint at a party in our early twenties, free of charge and ready to go. 

Regardless, the cost of regular weed use isn’t usually immediately apparent. Like many habits, it starts out small and relatively harmless, mostly a fun time sink when hanging out with friends or something to make individual activities more relaxing and enjoyable.

However, it is in our nature as human beings to pursue those things that bring perceived happiness and seem to alleviate our anxieties, and much like alcohol, marijuana possesses the capacity to graduate from occasional diversion to fully-fledged psychological dependence.

And once you get there, it’s no longer a puff of a joint at a party. It’s hundreds of dollars down the drain – wasted.

The Paraphernalia

Other than the drug itself, smoking paraphernalia can be very expensive already and as the interest in smoking grows, so too does the desire for better, more effective gear. Know someone with one of those $1,000+ vaporizers? Isn’t that crazy?

This seems a bit extravagant, of course; what if you prefer the good old tried and true joint? Surely the materials needed for that are cheaper.

Cheaper? Yes. Cheap? No. If you smoke three joints per day, the papers, lighters and rollers needed for such an endeavor add up fast. Especially when you consider them over the long run.

The Weed Itself

These costs are all secondary to the main event – the drug itself. There are quite literally thousands of different strains of marijuana available. In many dispensaries, an eighth can run you anywhere from $60 to $100 depending on the strain, and typically this amount will only last you a week to a week and a half. That, again, definitely adds up after a while to insane amounts of money that could be spent much better elsewhere.


Perhaps the most significant pitfall of regular marijuana use is the inevitable tolerance factor, which means you ultimately need to smoke more frequently to attain the same effect. 

Legal Aspect

Despite all the above, the biggest saving you’ll get from quitting weed is the decreased risk exposure. Not every state in the United States or country in the world looks kindly upon cannabis, and many are merciless with their punishments. As little as seven grams of marijuana can land you in a cell for 180 days in Texas, with a hefty fine of $2000 to boot. And that’s to say nothing to the cash you’ll be out when they confiscate your stash.

In addition, many professional licensing agencies, such as those related to pharmaceutical and nursing vocations, do not look kindly upon a drug-related offense. When it comes to the loss of your career, the financial loss becomes exorbitant.


Using weed wrecks your wallet – there’s no doubt about it. You might not have considered all the different costs involved before, but they add up. Quitting marijuana might leave you feeling a little blue, but after the financial gains begin to set in, the benefits speak for themselves.

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About the Author, Michael Griffin

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