Ask Michael Anything

I want to help as many people free themselves from weed as I can. That’s why I created Ask Michael, a feature of the site dedicated to answering reader’s questions and requests for advice.

If you send me a message using the attached contact form I will reply. If I think your message has broad appeal, and after obtaining your consent, I may also feature it (anonymized) and my response on the blog.

I’ve struggled a lot over the years and have learned many things living a sober life as 27 year old guy. I truly hope you find my words beneficial. 

So if you have any question, or worry, or concern at all – just let me know. Either by using the attached contact form or emailing me at [email protected].

Please Note:
This Lucid Life and Michael cannot and do not provide personal health advice. All Ask Michael posts are self-improvement based opinions of Michael in his personal capacity. If you would like to contact the editorial team, please visit our contact page.