I’m 16 days Clean, but Would it be Okay to Just Smoke Weed Whilst Dating?

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Hey Michael, thanks for all the resources.

Things are going great I am now past 2 weeks without weed and working out more than I have in a long time and feeling way more more self confident.

However, lately I’ve been really craving during dates with the opposite sex where when I spend time with women and they openly state that they smoke pot I feel like it would be an easy “slam dunk” to invite them back to my apartment, roll up a J, and escalate from there.

I was wondering what you thought about strictly smoking with the opposite sex and never by yourself?

I guess I know this could potentially just be my addict brain trying to rear its head again, but seriously, I think it could be a really good time. Am I deluding myself? Thank you in advance for your response!


Hey Anon, hope you are doing great!

Here are some questions to ponder: Why did you decide to quit? What lead you to This Lucid Life? Why did you not just cut down on using? Answer those questions, and then come back to the question you’ve asked here, about only smoking in XYZ circumstance.

To answer your question bluntly: I don’t think what you’re proposing is a “good” idea.

One nugget of insight that comes up in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and I imagine Marijuana Anonymous meetings too, is “People who aren’t alcoholics don’t need to set rules to control their drinking.” Or that, when alcoholics do set rules for themselves, they are inevitably broken.

Have you ever said “I’ll only smoke weed on Fridays” before and failed? Having to invent such rules for yourself is a sign of addiction (as you at least somewhat recognize), and breaking the rules you set is something that addicts inevitably do. It’s why 100% abstinence is usually the way to go, at least for a while – why not get at least 6 months of complete sobriety under your belt before considering whether blazing up in XYZ circumstance could be good?

On a side note, in the USA, less than 15% of adults smoked weed in the last 12 months. There are lots of girls out there who don’t use weed, and perhaps they’d be better for you to date – for the time being at least.

And yeah, it might be a “good time” – but then again, so would getting high and playing video games, for a fleeting moment, before reality kicks back in.

Hope this helped! Keep on keeping on, friend. 🙏

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About the Author, Michael Griffin

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